Health Care Residential

BE 688 Washington DC Residential on Health Care Policy and Politics

BE 688 will not be offered in 2021.

BE 688 Course Overview

Although the U.S. has the most market-oriented health care system in the world, government involvement in health care is pervasive and growing.  Therefore, it is important for students who are interested in a career in health care to understand the institutional and political context in which these policies are crafted.  In addition, given the magnitude and growth in health spending, a basic knowledge of health policy is important for understanding the fiscal policy challenges and choices that the U.S. faces.  The goal of this course is to provide a deep and nuanced introduction to these issues.  

BE 688 is an MBA elective that is open to MBA1s, MBA2s, and Evening MBA students. MBA students can register for the course through Wolverine Access.  Graduate students from other units are invited to enroll, space-permitting.  

BE 688 Course Format and Schedule

BE 688 is centered on a week in Washington, D.C., where students will attend presentations by a broad range of experts, representing a diverse set of organizational and political perspectives.  The presentations will cover both general topics on government, politics, and the policy process as well as policy issues that are specific to the health care industry. 

  • Registration: Students register for BE 688 (3 credits) in Winter semester (Winter B). 
  • Session Dates: The session will not be offered in 2021.
  • MBA1s are eligible to enroll in this course as long as travel dates do not conflict with scheduled internship commitments.  Credit limits will not be permitted to be raised above 18.00 credits in order to accommodate this course. 

  • MBA2s are eligible to participate in the course.  Credit limits will not be permitted to be raised above 18.00 credits in order to accommodate this course. Please note: this may cause a delay in degree conferral, resulting in an August graduation date.  
  • Evening MBA students are eligible for the course only if not enrolled in any other U-M courses during the residential component. 

BE 688 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does BE 688 satisfy a requirement?   
    • ​No. BE 688 counts for 3 credits towards elective requirements.  
  • How can I learn more?  
    • ​If you’d like to discuss how BE 688 might satisfy your academic plans, schedule an Academic Advising appointment.  If you have further questions regarding this program, please contact the instructor, Tom Buchmueller (