Declared BBA Dual Degree Students

Now that you are done with the initial planning and administrative tasks of becoming a dual degree student, what do you need to know and do to ensure that you graduate as planned?

Confirm your Dual Degrees Status

Confirm that your application has been processed and that you are officially a dual degree student:   

It is important to confirm that your dual degree status has been activated in Wolverine Access.  This can be done as follows:

  1. Log in to Wolverine Access.  Select Student Business–> Student Center.  
  2. Under the Academics heading, select My Academics.  
  3. Look under the My Program heading.  
  4. Find two separate lines containing the MDDP (“Multiple Dependent Degree Program”) designation. These will appear when you have officially been declared a dual degree student.

Please allow at least two weeks for initial processing after submitting your signed dual application.  If, at that time, you still don’t see an MDDP designation, please contact your Ross academic advisor to check on the status of your application.

Declare your major:

Although Ross does not recognize or document majors within your Business career, most other Schools/Colleges do require the declaration of a major.  Please consult with an advisor in your other degree program to see how this is handled.

Make a Plan for Success as a Dual Degree Student

Make a plan for success:

You’ve created a personalized course plan as part of your dual degree declaration process.  Each term, reflect on your overall goals and motivations for pursuing your dual degrees.  Discuss these plans with your academic advisors.  Readjust your course plan as necessary.  

Seek advising as needed:

Remember that you should seek academic advising from advisors in both of your programs.  Your BBA dual degree advisors can only address degree requirements and academic progress for the BBA degree.  To schedule an advising appointment with a BBA dual degree advisor, select “BBA Dual Degree Advising/Issues.”  You are responsible for working with an advisor in your other degree program to verify progress toward your other degree.  

Monitor your degree progress:

It is your responsibility to be aware of, and track completion toward, the degree requirements applicable to your dual degree program.  Because the automated degree audit in Wolverine Access does not work for dual degree students, monitoring degree progress is necessary.  You may do one of the following:

  • Complete a self checklist:
  • Request a degree audit check:
    • Schedule an appointment with a BBA dual degree advisor to review an official BBA degree audit together. 
    • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor(s) in your other degree programs.  Don’t forget to check both general and major-specific requirements. 

Plan for registration: 

  • Be proactive:
    • Prior to backpacking courses, identify your priorities for next semester. What do you want to accomplish, and why?  How will you measure your progress towards your degree requirements?  What types of extracurricular experiences do you want to plan for?
    • Refer to your course plan as needed, and consult with your academic advisors. 
  • Plan for business core courses:  You may view your core course schedule prior to your registration appointment.
    • If your home school is Business, you will be registered for your core courses by the Ross Registrar’s Office.  
    • If your home school is not Business, make sure you are registered for your business core courses each term.  Contact the Ross Registrar’s Office for instructions on how to do so.
  • Know degree requirements:  Prioritize required courses.  Refer to your course plan and consult with your academic advisors as needed.  Please note:
    • Students pursuing dual degrees may share a maximum of 9.0 credits of business courses needed to meet BBA degree requirements towards the requirements of the non-business major, per approval.  
    • Students pursuing an academic minor may share a maximum of 3.0 credits of business courses needed to meet BBA requirements towards the requirements of the academic minor. 
    • Consult with your academic advisor(s) for specific policies within your non-business major or minor. 
    • Distribution requirements vary by School/College.
  • If you anticipate time conflicts with your business core courses:  The Ross Registrar’s Office will make best efforts to accommodate a student’s core course schedule for documented academic, athletic, health, or religious conflicts.  If you anticipate that your assigned section of a core business class will conflict with a class required for your other degree during a term, you will need to submit a course swap request form and provide a letter from the SSD office or your coach, advisor, or religious leader/organization via email to the Ross Registrar’s Office ( so that they can review and process and the necessary schedule adjustments where possible. 
    • You must meet certain qualifications for an official section change.
      • Your academic advisor will need to verify:
        • the specific course is required for the degree program (elective courses that may be one of several options typically do not meet criteria), and
        • the specific course must be taken in this term in order to stay on schedule to graduate on time, and 
        • there are no alternative sections available.
      • If your situation meets the criteria above, follow these steps:
        • Contact your academic advisor for your other degree program. 
        • Request that your academic advisor email verifying the course meets criteria
        • Email with additional information:
          • Include your UMID, anticipated time conflict, and reference the email from your non-business academic advisor.  
          • Be specific as possible in your request.  We want to help you meet your dual degree plans, but we can only do that when we know the specific section numbers for the courses causing a conflict.
          • Follow up with your BBA dual degree advisor as needed. 
  • Make a decision about cross-listed courses:  Cross-listed courses typically may not count toward two different degrees.  As a dual degree student, you may need to decide how you should register for the course since that does determine how the course is listed on your transcript.   

Prepare for Graduation

Request a degree audit check before registering for your final term

Each degree program must verify the completion of degree requirements; therefore, it is highly recommended that students contact an academic advisor in each of their programs to request a degree audit check before registering for their final term. 

  • Schedule a “BBA Dual Degree Advising/Issues” appointment to review an official BBA degree audit together with a Ross academic advisor. 
  • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor(s) in your other degree programs.  Don’t forget to check general, major-specific and minor-specific requirements. 

Apply to graduate

Students apply to graduate through Wolverine Access.  Review Ross Graduation Information to learn more. 

Dual degree students must apply to graduate from each program separately.  Declared dual degree students may not graduate with one degree at time.  Although students may finish all of their requirements for one of their degrees in an earlier term, neither degree will be granted until all requirements for both degrees have been satisfied.

Further Questions?

Schedule a “BBA Dual Degree Advising/Issues” advising appointment or email your academic advisor.