Eligibility Requirements

Financial Holds

Students must clear all financial holds on their accounts before registration.  The registration system can not allow you to register until your financial holds are cleared. 

  • Review your Student Account status at http://wolverineaccess.umich.edu  to confirm that no Holds (Service Indicators) are in place which would block your registration. Check even if you are sure your statement is okay!
  • For terms where you are bidding for courses before registration, you are at risk of losing your course bidding selections if you have not cleared all financial holds on your account.  If a hold is discovered, the Ross Registrar’s Office will do our best to contact you via email – so make sure your email address on iMpact is up to date and that you are checking it regularly.
  • Refer to the appropriate registration information for term-specific deadlines for clearing financial holds.

Maintenance of Active Degree Candidacy and Re-enrollment (a.k.a. the “12-Month Rule”)


Admission to the School is granted for a specific term. Students who are admitted, but do not enroll in the appointed term, must reapply for admission. Students lose active degree candidacy if they do not complete a course during the first term of the enrollment or if they do not complete at least one course within a twelve-month period. Candidates who have completed one or more terms may temporarily withdraw from the program, but must apply to re-enroll for a term in which classes appropriate for the completion of their degree are available. Re-enrolled students must comply with the degree requirements in effect at the time of their readmission. Admission to the Ross School of Business is highly competitive, and application for re-enrollment is decided on the standard for the term in which the former student wishes to enroll.


Students must attend and complete courses during the term they are first admitted to the BBA Program. If a student is admitted, but withdraws from the BBA Program in his/her first term, the student will be required to reapply to the BBA Program. In addition, University policy requires students to complete at least one course within a consecutive twelve-month period to maintain active degree candidacy. If no academic work has been completed within a twelve-month period, the student becomes ineligible to continue. To continue or finish the BBA Program, the student must apply for readmission to the program. Readmitted students must comply with the degree requirements in effect at the time of their readmission. Admission to the school is highly competitive, and applications for readmission are decided based on the standard for the term in which the former student wishes to enroll.

Questions about readmission should be sent to rossregistrarsoffice@umich.edu.

Full-time vs. Part-time Student Status

Undergraduate students are assessed full time tuition for registration from 12-18 credit hours in a full term (Fall, Winter, or Spring/Summer).

Ross graduate students are assessed full time tuition for 9 credit hours of enrollment and above in a full term (Fall, Winter, or Spring/Summer) and beginning at 5 credit hours in a half term (Spring or Summer).  For financial aid eligibility, you are considered a full time student if you are enrolled in only 8 credit hours.

Guest student, non-credit, non-degree

Ross alumni who wish to take a course at the Business School after graduating must (1) apply for admission as a “special or non-degree student” and (2) must also have permission from the faculty to take the course. Please note that approval for Ross alumni may be restricted by course availability and current degree student enrollments. Contact rossregistrarsoffice@umich.edu for information about the guest student application process for Ross alums.

Requests for guest student admission from non-Ross alum persons is more restricted and requires review of prior academic records, test scores, and a brief application process.

All persons evaluating this option should be familiar with Ross tuition rates (viewable at http://ro.umich.edu/tuition/ ). For further information, contact the Director of the Ross Registrar’s Office via rossregistrarsoffice@umich.edu.