Graduate Dual Degrees

Established MBA Dual Degree Programs

The Ross School of Business offers over 20 established dual degree programs for Full-Time MBA students, enabling qualified students to pursue concurrent work in business administration and other disciplines within the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.  A complete list of the established programs appears in the callout on the right-hand side of this page.  Follow these links for basic overviews of each MBA dual program including a sample plan of study.

Most of our established dual degrees are completed in roughly three years and lead to both an MBA and a master’s degree in another area. Students may enroll in dual degree programs after being accepted to both the Business School and the other school or college in which they are interested. Separate applications must be made to both schools—acceptance to either school is not contingent upon the other.

Further details on the Established MBA Dual Degree process and requirements can be found on the Established MBA Dual Degree web page.

Student Initiated Dual Degrees

We also provide the option for Ross graduate students to create and pursue a dual degree with a graduate or professional program at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor that is not on the list of established dual degree programs.  These students pursue the two graduate degrees simultaneously, working toward a “Student Initiated Dual Degree (SIDD).”

Full-Time MBA students pursuing a dual degree that is not an established dual degree program can apply for a Student Initiated Dual Degree. Global MBA, Online MBA, MM, MAcc, MSCM, and MBAn students pursuing a dual degree must follow the Student Initiated Dual Degree requirements.

For more information about Student Initiated Dual Degrees, visit the Student Initiated Dual Degree web page or contact the Dual Degree Advisor at