Ross Community Values

The Ross School of Business Community is committed to leading in thought and action. With that commitment comes high expectations of the values and actions of the members of the community. On this page, you will find a Statement of Community Values and individual codes and procedures that govern different arenas of our community as they pertain to our core values.

Our Codes and Statements

Statement of Community Values: The Ross School of Business community – students, faculty, and staff – agree to a common Statement of Community Values that governs all community members in both academic and nonacademic settings. Membership in the Ross community requires adherence to these values.

Academic Honor Code: This code applies to all student-related academic aspects of the Statement of Community Values. It covers all student academic activities related to the school’s various degree programs, whether these activities take place on or off-campus.

Code of Student Conduct: This code applies to all student-related nonacademic aspects of the Statement of Community Values. It covers all student nonacademic and extracurricular activities, whether these activities take place on or off-campus.

Process for Student Disputes with Instructors: This document formalizes the process for handling student disputes with instructors (e.g., grade disputes).

Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities: When students choose to accept admission to the University, they accept the rights and responsibilities of membership in the University’s academic and social community. This document outlines those rights and responsibilities and discusses the type of violations against the statement, procedures for resolving those violations, and sanctions/interventions.


Plagiarism, copyright, and citation resources. Please use these tools to help you in your class assignments and projects.

Sweetland Writing Center – a comprehensive writing center, which exists to support student writing at all levels and in all forms and modes.

Test your Knowledge – find out how well you understand academic integrity by taking a quiz.

International Center – special information for international students.

Violation Reporting Form – any Ross community member who observes or learns of a probable violation of the Academic Honor Code or the Code of Student Conduct is required to report it.

Faculty Resources – best practice suggestions, copyright information.

Our Values in the REAL World

Important Contact Information

Ross CVC Operations

Operations Chair

Kathy Hastings 
Director of the Ross Registrar’s Office and Financial Aid

Academic Chairs

Cathy Shakespeare
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

S. Sriram
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs