Grades are due 72 hours after your final exam. If no final exam is scheduled, grades should be submitted 72 hours after the final project deadline.

  • Ross Grade Distribution (pdf)
  • Web Grades: ALL grades are to be submitted via the Web Grade system through Wolverine Access. (This includes Independent Study courses and all PhD seminars.) Information documents and grade entry simulations can also be viewed on the Central Office of the Registrar’s website, but a basic step-by-step is listed below:

    How to Submit Grades
    1. Go to Wolverine Access, click on Faculty Business. Log in using your uniqname and Kerberos (or ITD) password, and then navigate to the Faculty Center.
      • Don’t remember your Kerberos password? Contact the University ITS office for assistance.
    2. Once in the Faculty Center, make sure the appropriate Term is displayed. If not, click to “Change Term” and navigate to the Term for the class you wish to enter grades.
    3. Your classes for the term should be listed below a blue header band titled “My Teaching Schedule”. Click on the Grade Roster icon on the same row as the class and section you wish to enter grades for. (The Grade Roster icon looks like a purple person writing on a white board.)
    4. Use the appropriate grade code to enter grades into the entry box next to each students’ name. (Grades may also be uploaded via Excel.)
    5. SAVE the page once all grades have been entered, and double-check for errors. You can now exit the system, and return later to make changes – but the grades are not yet posted for students!
    6. APPROVE the grades: Once grades have been entered and you’ve double-checked them, DON’T FORGET to change the drop-down menu at the top of the page (labeled “Approval Status”) to “APPROVED” and SAVE the page again. Grades are not formally posted until this step is complete.
    7. You will receive a confirmation email from the system once grades are successfully submitted. Prior to the start of the next term, approved grade rosters are posted for students within an hour of being approved. After the start of the next term, grades are posted after an overnight refresh.
  • Grade Codes  View the specific grade codes for courses.

  • Grade Changes/SGRs: All grade changes are also submitted online via Wolverine Access, Teaching Support. Instructions and demos for submitting Grade Change Requests are available from the Central Office of the Registrar
    After faculty submit a grade change request, the request will often need to be approved by the student’s home school before being posted for students. Please be aware that different schools may have different rules regarding grade changes. If a grade change is denied, faculty should receive an email from the student’s home school indicating the reason the request was denied. For all Ross School of Business students, staff in the Ross Registrar’s Office will approve or deny grade change requests.

  • Grade Disputes: If a student has a dispute regarding his/her assigned grade, he/she should follow the procedures for handling a student dispute with an instructor. The first step of this process is for the student to talk directly with the instructor about the disagreement.
  • FAQs: Still have questions? Check here for answers to frequently asked grade questions.