First Year BBAs, Class of 2028

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Welcome to the Ross School of Business!

The Ross Academic Advising team is looking forward to meeting you this summer during First Year Orientation and working with you throughout your time at Michigan.  The below information will help provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) as you start to plan your first year:

Orientation will consist of three parts: some pre-advising online activities (including placement exams), a virtual Academic Advising Day, and a one-day on-campus experience. Students will meet with Academic and Peer Advisors during the virtual Academic Advising Day portion of Orientation.  We will be posting more information on Ross-specific summer Orientation events as we get closer to the end of the school year.  In any case, you can look forward to learning more about the BBA curriculum, connecting with Ross academic advisors, and meeting other incoming students.  You will also begin discussing/planning and registering for your Fall class schedule.

You should have already received messaging from the Office of New Student Programs (ONSP), instructing you to register for an Orientation session and complete any necessary steps in advance of that session, including the UM virtual Orientation course.

Once you complete the ONSP portion of the virtual Orientation course, you must complete the Ross School of Business portion. It is required that you complete every section of the Ross portion prior to your Advising Day. You will notice several other steps on this site that you must complete prior to your Advising Day, as well, including:

  • Complete the Math placement exam, UWrite placement exam, and a Foreign Language exam (if applicable) at least two weeks prior to your Advising Day. Please go here to learn more information and find links to complete placement exams.
  • Complete the 2024 First Year Student Pre-Advising Day Questionnaire. This survey will be emailed to your Umich email account during the week of May 6 and will give us an idea of your experiences so far, as well as your expectations and goals while at Michigan and Ross.

In your first year at Ross, we recommend that you plan to take 15 credits per term, which must include the following requirements:

  • Complete the following two courses at UM-Ann Arbor, each with a grade of C- or better, by the end of Winter Term 2025:
  • Complete the following course at UM-Ann Arbor with a grade of C- or better, or via approved transfer credit, by the end of Summer 2025.
  • Successfully complete the following three core courses at the Ross School of Business by the end of Winter 2025: BA 100 (Fall), BCOM 250 (Winter), and ACC 300 (Winter).
  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 credits or more at UM-Ann Arbor during Fall Term 2024 and Winter Term 2025.
  • Maintain “Good Academic Standing” at Ross with a term and cumulative grade point average of 2.500 or higher at UM-Ann Arbor.

Please click here for a video recording that outlines the BBA First Year requirements and scheduling information for the Fall term.

During your first year, you will take a broad range of courses in addition to those required for the BBA program. Below is some general information and answers to common questions regarding Ross program requirements.  For more detailed information, please visit the BBA curriculum page. Ross academic advisors are another great resource for answering curriculum and course planning questions.

  • All First Year students are required to attend BA 100 (3.0 credit hours), Intro to Ross: Foundations for Learning Business, in the Fall term of their first year. You will be assigned to a specific section of BA 100 prior to your Ross Online Academic Advising Day.
  • All First Year students are required to take BCOM 250 (1.5 credit hours), Introduction to Business Communications, during the Winter term of their first year.
  • All First Year students are required to take ACC 300 (3.0 credits hours), Financial Accounting, in the Winter term of their first year.
  • BA 100, BCOM 250, and ACC 300 are the only business courses students take in their first year.  Aside from these courses, students are encouraged to explore the liberal arts to provide a strong foundation for their academic career, in addition to completing the First Year requirements.

As mentioned above, you will be assigned to a specific section of BA 100 for the Fall semester. The Ross Registrar’s Office will send you an email permission to register for this course on your scheduled Advising Day. If you have questions about your assigned section or how to use your email permission, please know that we will be covering this process in more detail during your Advising Day and you can also access information about backpacking and using Wolverine Access to prepare for course registration through the online module that you must complete prior to Orientation.

Your first year at Michigan provides you with a great chance to explore different academic interests. Speak with your academic advisor about the wealth of opportunities offered at Michigan while helping to ensure that you are maintaining a balanced schedule.

Aside from the required classes, you must complete during your first year, it is suggested that you take courses counting toward your distribution.  You could also consider completing ECON 102.

Another suggestion would be taking coursework that may lead to a possible dual degree, minor, or another area of interest.

Ross students must complete three of the four areas listed in the chart below.  We adhere to the same distribution course list as LSA so you should utilize the LSA Course Guide to find courses that fulfill the categories below:

Fourth-term proficiency in a language other than English: Fourth-term proficiency in a foreign language is determined by successful completion of a proficiency examination administered by UM or by completion of a fourth-semester college-level foreign language course. The language requirement cannot be satisfied by out-of-residence credit which is elected after the student has begun degree enrollment at the University of Michigan unless the appropriate language department has approved that plan in advance. AP, IB, A-level, and transfer coursework that meets fourth-term proficiency, as determined by the appropriate language department, fulfills this requirement. The final course in an elementary language sequence used to satisfy the language requirement must be elected on a graded basis.

Natural Science (NS) courses focus on the understanding of our natural world through application of the scientific method, which emphasizes observation, experimentation, formation of testable hypotheses about natural phenomena, and testing of those hypotheses.

Mathematical and Symbolic Analysis (MSA) courses focus primarily on the mathematical and statistical tools used to support the study of the natural and social sciences. Rather than mathematical manipulation or computation, these courses focus on the methodology used to analyze quantitative information to make decisions, judgments and predictions. This involves defining a problem by means of numerical or geometrical representations of real-world phenomena, determining how to solve it, deducing consequences, formulating alternatives, and predicting outcomes. In addition to mathematics and statistics, MSA courses are taught in a variety of subjects, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, economics, the environment, geological sciences, philosophy, physics, and sociology.

Social Science (SS) courses focus on the study of the social behavior of individuals, groups, societies, nations, and states. Social scientists often use qualitative methods, such as ethnography, oral history, and descriptive analysis of archival materials and artifacts. They also use quantitative tools grounded in the scientific method to collect and analyze data, and form testable hypotheses about social phenomena.

Humanities (HU) courses focus on the human condition as expressed, for example, in literature, religion, philosophy, and the visual and performing arts. Its methods are analytical, critical, and speculative, and can often be contrasted with the quantitative and qualitative methods employed in the social sciences.

The Inclusive Leaders Pathway is a degree requirement that is designed to introduce Ross students to the concepts of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the contexts of their business education and roles as future business leaders.  Students must complete all four components of the milestone requirement to receive the BBA degree. This year, you will complete your first Inclusive Leaders Pathway Milestone through BA 100. Your BA 100 Canvas site will have information about how to fulfill the requirement. You can also reference the BBA Bulletin, talk with your academic advisor, or reach out to

Ross academic advisors are great resources for answering curriculum questions and helping you develop a course plan that supports your academic goals as well.  You will be able to start scheduling future academic advising appointments later this summer after our Virtual Advising Days are complete.  In the meantime, you may reach out to Ross Advisors via email at with any questions or concerns you may have.

Course swapping is the method Ross students use to resolve BBA core course conflicts. It is very important that students reflect on the decision to alter their assigned core schedule since it may impact their section cohort experience and transition to Ross core. Generally, students choose to keep their assigned schedule of courses, swapping sections only if there is a significant need to do so. If you do request to swap a course and it is approved, you will remain in the new section that you are assigned, moving forward in all other Ross core courses.

The only Ross core class you will take in Fall 2024, and therefore the only course eligible to swap, is BA 100.

To submit a swap request is to commit to swap and, once a swap has been processed and permissions to enroll in the new section have been entered into Wolverine Access, the commitment to swap is complete and the student must switch sections.  Since the student’s original seat is given to another student during the swap processing, any student wanting back into his/her original section after swaps have been processed will need to submit another swap request.  Please note that there is no guarantee that a swap request will be processed, and students are encouraged to have a back-up plan in place in consultation with their academic advisor.  The link to the course swap request form is located at the bottom of this page.

When submitting your swap request, you can indicate the reason for submitting the request. Once it is submitted, the Ross Registrar’s Office will evaluate your request to determine if a swap can be processed. Course swaps for BA 100 may be rare and will typically only be processed for the following reasons:

  1. If you have a conflict between your assigned BA 100 section and another course that you must take in the Fall semester (such as a First Year Requirement, and only if there are no other available sections of that First Year Requirement at a time that would fit in a student’s schedule). As a reminder, ECON 101 and the FYWR can be completed in either the Fall or Winter terms of your first year, and the Ross Math requirement must be completed before the start of your Sophomore Fall semester.
  2. If you have a conflict between your assigned BA 100 section and a foreign language course that is only offered at limited times.
  3. If you have a documented disability, intercollegiate athletic obligation, official University or religious obligation, or a required course for a dual degree that conflicts with BA 100.  In any of these cases, you can provide a letter from the SSD office or your coach, advisor, or religious leader/organization via e-mail to the Ross Registrar’s Office ( so that they can review and process the necessary schedule adjustments where possible.

Ross academic advisors are great resources for answering curriculum questions and helping you develop a course plan that supports your academic goals as well.  You will be able to start scheduling future academic advising appointments later this summer after our Virtual Advising Days are complete.  In the meantime, you may reach out to Ross Advisors via email at with any questions or concerns you may have.

BA 100 Swap Request Form