Waiver FAQs

The Waiver Process

  • Where to submit

  • Deadlines

  • Who reviews

  • Decisions and notification

Academic Experience

  • Course Syllabi

  • Transcripts

Professional Designation

  • Documentation

ACC Prep Class

Waiver Exams

If you still have questions, please contact rossregistrarsoffice@umich.edu

The Waiver Process

Q:  How do I submit a waiver request?

A:  Review the Core Details site for Full-Time– and Part-Time: Evening-MBA students for each course to see what materials are needed for a waiver request. Waivers will not be accepted without attached documentation.  This may include:

  • Course syllabi

  • Transcripts (with relevant courses highlighted/circled)

  • Resume

  • Copy of professional certification

Complete a Core Course Waiver Request Form for each course you wish to waive. List only one course per form.

Q:  Where do I send my waiver request?

A:  Evening Students: Submissions may be made by e-mail to rossregistrarsoffice@umich.edu.

Full-time students should email MBAprogramoffice@umich.edu or contact Graduate Advising with questions.

Q:  What are the deadlines to submit a waiver request?

A:  Please note that no requests are accepted after the term has begun.

Evening MBA*

Winter Admits
Evening MBA Fall Core
Fall Admits
Evening MBA Fall Core
Winter courses
First Monday in JuneFirst Monday in AugustFirst Monday in November
After these deadlines, waivers will be applied to future terms only.

*The Evening MBA deadlines apply to waiver requests for courses affecting your Fall schedule (e.g. you plan to take a Fall course that has a prerequisite that you would meet by waiving). Waivers for courses affecting future terms will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis

Q:  How are decisions made?

A:  Waiver requests based on professional and/or academic experience and are reviewed by faculty members who are well-versed in the Ross curriculum.  They review your records to determine if you have the requisite knowledge in a core functional area of business that we expect of all our graduates.

Q:  How/when will I be notified of my decision?

A:  You will receive an e-mail notification stating whether your waiver request or exam has been approved or denied via the email address used to send in the waiver form.  It is not necessary to contact the faculty reviewer until you receive your decision via email from Ross Academic Services.

Late admit requests received by August 3 should be reviewed before the first day of the Fall term.

Academic Experience

Q:  I took the course (that I think allows me to waive) several years ago.  Do I really need to submit a syllabus?

A:  No, but it is in your best interest.  The faculty that review these requests will not come back to you if they don’t have enough information to grant your waiver.  It is best to provide whatever information you can up front.

Q:  How am I supposed to get a syllabus from that long ago?

A:  Schools have different methods for maintaining these items, and some are certainly better than others.  You should start at the school’s website, contact the department, and/or contact the instructor.  In the end, if you can’t obtain them, your request will still be reviewed, but we encourage you to give yourself the best shot at waiving by obtaining as much documentation as you can.

Q:  Will my request be reviewed without transcripts?

A:  No.  Transcripts are essential to accurately assessing your background.

Q:  Do you need official transcripts from my school?

A:  No, a scanned version is fine.  We will not return originals to you, so please photocopy/scan them yourself.

Professional Designation

Q:  I have a CPA/CA/CMA/JD, do I need to submit a waiver request?

A:  Yes!  We need the documentation to add to your file and to process the paperwork that will post your waiver to your transcript.

Q:  What type of documentation do you need showing my CPA/CA/CMA/JD?

A:  You can provide the official credential, a copy of the same, or a printout from a state Board of Accountancy that includes identifying information as well as license status.

ACC Prep Class

Note: Answers to most of your questions about the Accounting Waiver Prep Course can be found here.

Q:  I want to sign up for the ACC Prep Course, but I won’t know about my waiver based on academic experience until so close to the sign-up deadline.  Should I sign up now or wait?

A:  There is a fee for the course, so we recommend that you wait and find out if you need the Prep Course in order to waive before signing up.  Decisions for waiver requests submitted by June 1, 2018 will be reviewed by June 30, 2018, and your results will be communicated to you via e-mail shortly afterwards.

Waiver Exams

Note: Answers to most of your questions about waiver exams can be found here.  The waiver exam schedule is here.

Q:  Do I need to pre-register for any waiver exams?

A:  Yes, please see the Waiver Exam FAQ.  The ACC 502 waiver exam option is available only to students who have attended the pre-term Accounting Waiver Preparatory Course.

Q:  Do I still need to submit a waiver request form if I plan to take a waiver exam?

A:  No. When you sit for a waiver exam, the administering faculty member will provide our office with a list of students who took the exam and their results.