Course Registration Rules & Policies

What You Need to Know: Class Registration

Note that it is the responsibility of each student to review the rules and information regarding course registration listed here.

Rules about what classes to take: credits, prereqs, etc.

Q:  I’m a Full-Time MBA, MAcc, MSCM, MBAn, or MM student; how many credits should I take?
A:  A normal, full-time course load for graduate Ross students is about between 12-15 credit hours a semester, with a maximum of 18 credits. You must select a minimum of 9 credit hours in the Fall and Winter semesters to be a full-time student.  Going below 9 credits makes you a part-time student, which affects financial aid, degree progress, and (for international students) immigration status. In addition, MBA1 students should not register for more than 9 credits in any half (A/B) term, and MBA2 students should not register for more than 10.5 credits in any half (A/B) term. To calculate your half term credits, divide any full-term class credits in half and add them to your half term courses.

Q:  I’m a BBA student; how many credits should I take?
A:  A normal full-time course load is about 12-15 credit hours a semester, with a maximum of 18 credits. You must select a minimum of 12 credit hours to be a full-time student. Going below 12 credits makes you a part-time student, which may affect financial aid, degree progress, health/auto insurance coverage, and international students’ immigration status.  

Q. A prerequisite is listed as “advisory”; that means I don’t need to have it for the course – right?
A. Advisory prerequisites are still prerequisites for the course, they are just not enforced by Wolverine Access. There are two types of prerequisite listings in the system:

  • If a prerequisite is listed in the system as a “Course” prerequisite, Wolverine Access will NOT allow you to register for the course unless you have completed the requirements in a prior term. (If you have completed the requirement via waiver, please contact Ross Registrar’s Office for permission to enroll.)
    • Course Bidding Warning: Course bidding WILL let you bid on classes for which you don’t meet the “Course” prerequisite, however, our office will not be able to register you into the course when we load the results into Wolverine Access and you will lose the points you bid.
  • If a prerequisite is “Advisory”, Wolverine Access will allow you to enroll without having fulfilled the requirement; however, instructors reserve the right to remove you at a later (less convenient) date if you have not completed the prerequisite.

You are responsible for meeting the prerequisites for elective classes. Check the Course Descriptions thoroughly and feel free to reach out to an instructor if you have specific questions.

Q:  I’m an online MBA student and want to take an elective in person. Can I do that?
A:  Yes, you are able to take MBA electives in person if you are able to do so. You may need to get instructor permission.

Rules about class attendance

Q. Does Ross have an attendance policy?
A. Yes. At the discretion of the instructor, students may be dropped from a class if they do not attend the first class meeting for a once-a-week class, or the first two class meetings for a twice-a-week class. Be sure to review the CTools site, class syllabus and emails sent from the instructor for additional attendance guidelines regarding each class.

Q. I missed the first week, but as long as it’s before the deadline and the class is open, I can still add it, right?
A. Maybe. You will need to check with the instructor first. The system (Wolverine Access) will let you register for classes after they have started, regardless of your attendance. However, per our attendance policy (above), you may not be eligible to stay in the class and may be removed at a later, less convenient date. If you are considering missing classes, or wish to add a class after it has started meeting, you are responsible for contacting the instructor in advance to confirm that it is OK for you to add late, and to agree to a plan for how you will work to catch up on missed material.

Rules about modifying your class schedule

Q:  When can I add and drop?
A:  View the Registration Calendar as well as the Academic Calendar for the specific drop/add deadlines – paying attention to the different dates for full-term (Regular), First 7 Wk, and Second 7 Wk classes.  Be aware that courses offered through different schools (LSA, Rackham, Engineering, etc.) may have drop/add deadlines that are different from Ross. Be sure to check drop/add deadlines carefully!

Q:  How do I add and drop?
A:  Specific instructions can be found on our How to Add & Drop Classes web page. 

Q:  I haven’t found a class yet that fits my schedule.  Do I have until the drop/add deadline to find something and register?
A:  Maybe.  Wolverine Access will let you register for an open class until the drop/add deadline.  However, some classes have attendance policies so you may not be able to keep your seat if you’ve missed the first class meeting(s).  See above for rules about class attendance.

Q. I’m sure I dropped a class, but now it’s still showing up on my schedule after the drop deadline. Can I drop this without a “W” since I’ve never attended?
A. No. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that actions taken in the system are completed and that your schedule in the system is an accurate representation of what you are attending before the drop deadlines. Dropping a class for ANY reason after the deadline will result in a “W”.

Q. I’m an evening MBA and I want to take daytime classes. How can I register?
A. You will be able to register for courses that with an enforced prerequisite of “Graduate Standing”.  If you are interested in a course that is restricted to students within a certain program (FTMBA, for example) you can complete the Permission Request Form to request permission to enroll in the course.