MBA Dual Degrees : Established MBA Dual Degree Programs

Students who are considering, or are currently enrolled in an established MBA dual degree program should review the below information and policies carefully. Established dual degrees can only be pursued by Full-Time MBA students.


Applicants interested in an established MBA dual degree program must file separate applications to and be admitted by both the Full-Time MBA program as well as their other program of interest. Students must apply and be admitted to the second degree program within the first half of their initial degree program to be eligible for a Ross dual degree.

Degree Requirements:

Students admitted to a Ross dual degree program must complete degree requirements for both programs. Upon completion of all requirements, both degrees are awarded simultaneously. Completion of both colleges’ requirements results in two different degree citations on the transcript and in two separate diplomas.

The MBA dual degree program requirements include:

  1. A minimum of 45 Business Administration credits, made up of:

    • The (roughly) 30 credit hour MBA core curriculum (No credit is awarded for Business Administration core courses successfully waived – those credits must be replaced with Business electives. See MBA Bulletin for specific core requirements)

    • Roughly 15 elective hours in Business Administration

    • MBA Communication Requirement

  2. Successful completion of the partner program’s degree requirements. (See partner program advisor for details.)

  3. A minimum number of total combined credits are required (Ross credits and partner program credits). This requirement varies by partner program.


For most three year MBA dual programs, students spend one year enrolled (and paying tuition) under one school and a second year enrolled under the second school (e.g. Rackham). In the third year, students combine courses from both schools and will enroll for one term under Ross and one term under the second school. Students should see an advisor to determine an appropriate plan of study, keeping the following Ross policies in mind:

  • Each term, students must be enrolled for all classes under just one school’s registration in Wolverine Access (regardless of the courses taken), with the exception of Law & Medicine.

  • Full-Time MBA dual degree students must enroll under the Business Administration career in Wolverine Access for a minimum of 3 terms of full-time enrollment (full-time enrollment is defined as 9 credit hours or more of coursework per term).

  • Part-Time: Online MBA dual degree students must register for a minimum of 45 credits worth of courses under the Business Administration career.

Progress Toward Graduation:

Students are responsible for meeting with advisors in both programs to track progress toward graduation. Upon completion of the requirements of both programs, students are granted concurrent degrees. The student must earn both degrees in the same degree period. (Neither degree will be awarded until all requirements for both programs are satisfied.) To graduate, students must:

  1. Meet with an advisor from both schools in their final term to confirm they are on track to meet both degree requirements.

  2. Apply for graduation on Wolverine Access under both careers for the same graduation term.

  3. Submit any other paperwork required for the specific dual degree. Rackham students must be sure to submit the Dual/Joint Degree Election Form in their final term. Further information can be found on the Rackham website:

Advising appointments for dual degree issues are available throughout the year. From the Academic Counseling Appointments web site, select “MBA Dual Degree Advising/Issues” to schedule an appointment.

Prospective or recently Admitted MBA’s may contact the Dual Degree Advisor at

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