Plan Your Schedule

To prepare for registration and plan your schedule, we recommend that you take the following steps:

Step 1: Thoroughly review the course registration information for your degree program/year for an overview of the registration process, answers to frequently asked questions, term-specific information, reminders about requirements, important dates, and deadlines, and relevant registration and course bidding links.

Registration Information for Graduate Students:Registration Information for Undergraduate Students:
Full-Time MBA2sSeniors
Full-Time MBA1sJuniors
Continuing Evening MBAsSophomores
Incoming Evening MBAsFreshmen (BBA)
Online MBAsFreshmen (PA)

Step 2: Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor if you would like to check in regarding your degree progress and registration plans, have questions or concerns, or haven’t had the opportunity to touch base recently.

Step 3: Monitor your progress on your core course and degree requirements by reviewing:

Step 4: Consider any electives you’d like to take.