Business Minor Curriculum

Students admitted to the Business Minor will be required to complete 15 credits of Ross School of Business coursework, in addition to the co-requisite ECON 101. Admitted students will work with a minor advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Programs to declare the minor, confirm they are meeting the minor requirements, and determine the appropriate coursework from the options below.  Students may view the Business Minor checklist to plan their minor program. 

Co-Requisite Requirement: 

ECON 101 Principles of Economics (Microeconomics) must be completed by graduation.

  • Includes IB, A-level, or transfer credit for the exact UM course equivalent (not departmental credit, e.g., ECON 101x)
  • AP credit will NOT fulfill this requirement
  • Can be completed for a letter grade or as Pass/Fail grading basis
  • ECON 401 will also fulfill the ECON 101 co-requisite requirement

Core Requirements (12 credits; can be completed in any order):

  • ACC 302 Financial Accounting (3) OR ACC 471 Accounting Principles (3)
  • FIN 302 Making Financial Decisions (3) OR TO 302 Managing Business Operations (3)
  • MKT 302 Marketing Management (3) OR MO 302 Positively Leading People and Organizations (3)
  • STRATEGY 302 Business Strategy (3) OR Action-Based Learning course from the following list (subject to change):
    • BA 453 Action Learning Projects (3)
    • BA 445/STRATEGY 445 Base of the Pyramid: Business Innovation for Solving Society’s Problems (3)
    • BA 455/456/457 Living Business Learning Experience (3 each)
    • ES 395 Entrepreneurial Management (3)
    • MKT 401 Marketing Management II (3)
    • MO 355 Magnify Immersion Program (3 count as elective 3 count as ABL)
    • MO 463 Creativity at Work (3)
    • TO 465 Management Consulting (3)
    • TO 482 Projects in Operations, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (7.5)

Completion of any of the following courses prior to Fall 2012 will substitute as follows:

  • ACC 271 or ACC 300 for ACC 302; ACC 272 for ACC 301; BIT 311 for TO 311; FIN 300 for FIN 302; MKT 300 for MKT 302; MO 300 for MO 302; OMS 311 for TO 302

Students must complete a minimum of 3 credits of electives from the following list (subject to change):

Elective Options (3 credits minimum required):

Starting with the FA22 semester, business minor students must complete at least 3 credits of additional 300 or 400 level business courses from the Ross School of Business.

  • Additional core courses and ES 250 are also accepted
  • ES 310 or business departmental credit will not fulfill this requirement.


There is no additional tuition for pursuing the Ross minor.  However, some Ross classes have been approved to charge class fees.  The Registrar’s Office keeps a list of courses with approved class fees along with the maximum charge allowed for that course.

View course descriptions here.  


Contact  Admitted students may schedule a Business Minor Advising appointment

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