A permission may be required when you are unable to register for a course.

How do I request a Permission?

Complete this eForm to request a course permission. You will need to provide support documentation (transcripts from other institutions, syllabi, etc)  if you do not meet the listed prerequisite or corequisite requirements.

  • Do not complete the form if you are currently on the waitlist for a course. We will admit waitlist students to courses when/if space becomes available in the order of the waitlist.
  • Do not contact the faculty member for approval. The Ross Registrar’s Office will work directly with the faculty member for approval.

You will receive a copy of your permission request via email from “U-M TeamDynamix <“. Please refer to the confirmation email to change or cancel your request.

Following Ross Registrar Office’s review, you will receive an email letting you know if your request was approved or denied. If approved, you must take action to register for the course before the permission expires.  See How to Add & Drop Classes for instructions.

NOTE: If you are waitlisted for a different section of the same course, you will need to drop yourself from the waitlist before you can complete your registration. Do not drop yourself from the waitlist until you have received verification via  email that the permission has been entered and ensuring that the permission is active.