Course Permissions

A student can request a permission to enroll in a course when they are prohibited from enrolling themselves.

Permission Request Process Overview

  1. Confirm you are not able to enroll in a course due to the course pre-requisites or restrictions.
  2. Once you have an active enrollment appointment, submit a permission request via the eform.
    • Non-Ross students and Ross Exchange students should attach at minimum a copy of their unofficial transcript for the faculty to review.
  3. Eform requests are reviewed and processed by the Ross Registrar’s Office. This can include:
    • Getting faculty approval.
    • Ensuring participation of the students is allowed via academic policy.
    • Ensuring there is room in the course after eligible students have had a chance to enroll.
  4. The Ross Registrar’s Office notify you via email with a decision. This can include approval, denial, or adding you to a waitlist, etc.
  5. If approved and issued a permission to enroll, you need to enroll in the course before the permission expires. See How to Add & Drop Classes for instructions.

Process Timeline – The timeline for this process can vary student-to-student and class-to-class. This is due to multiple factors, but most commonly, delays are due to the need to wait until we can confirm that there are seats in a class after all eligible students have had a chance to enroll. Request times are also delayed at the start of a registration period due to a high volume of requests.

Non-Ross Students – Your permission requests will not be reviewed until after Ross students have registered.

How to request a Permission

Complete this eForm to request a course permission. You will need to provide support documentation (transcripts from other institutions, syllabi, etc)  if you do not meet the listed prerequisite or corequisite requirements.

  • Do not complete the form if you are currently on the waitlist for a course. We will admit waitlist students to courses when/if space becomes available in the order of the waitlist.
  • Do not contact the faculty member for approval. The Ross Registrar’s Office will work directly with the faculty member for approval.

You will receive a copy of your permission request via email from “U-M TeamDynamix <“. Please refer to the confirmation email to change or cancel your request.

Ross exchange students – A transcript from your home institution should be attached to all request so that a faculty member can evaluate your background. In addition, you can attach your CV, syllabi of courses you have taken, and anything else that would be helpful for the faculty member in determining your qualifications.

Non-Ross students – Please attach an unofficial copy of your transcript so that the faculty member can evaluate your background to be sure you are adequately prepared for the course.

When to submit a request

Students can submit a permission request via the eform once they have an active enrollment appointment. Students should not submit a permission request before their enrollment appointment opens.


Please do not complete an e-form request if you are on a course waitlist. The registration program issues permissions to students to enroll in the course in the order of the waitlist as seats in the course become available. We do not have a timeline for if or when spots will open in the class, as it depends on individual students dropping the class. This can happen until the add/drop deadline.

If you are approved to enroll in a class, but the class is full, the Ross Registrar’s Office will submit a request to have you added to the waitlist. It can take 1 to 2 business days for the update to be reflected in your student center. Once you are added to the waitlist, you will see the class added in your student services center as a class you are waitlisted for. The “my class schedule” tab will show you what number you are on the waitlist.

If you receive a permission after being on the waitlist, you need to use the permission to enroll in the class. Moving from the waitlist to being enrolled is not an automatic process. You must enroll in the course in wolverine access. If you do not use the permission to enroll in the class before the deadline, the system will drop you from the waitlist and the next student on the waitlist will receive the permission to enroll. Once a permission expires, you need to submit a new eform to request another permission/be added back to the waitlist (or add yourself if you are able).