Registration Dates

Enrollment Appointment

To find out when you can start registering for a term or for course bidding timelines, be sure to view your course registration information.

Registration Dates

Fall 2022 

Refer to the University Academic Calendar to determine important registration deadlines for Ross & non-Ross course. Review policies and deadlines regarding modifying the grading basis for classes (e.g. optional pass/fail, audit).

Add/drop deadlines listed on the University Academic Calendar.

Late add & late drop deadlines:

TermLate Add deadlineLate drop deadline
Fall 2022 Full Term Courses11/4/22last day of class
Fall A 2022 Courses9/30/22last day of class
Fall B 2022 Courses12/2/22last day of class
See late add/late drop impact details listed in the university academic calendar.

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