Registration Dates

Enrollment Appointment

To find out when you can start registering for a term or for course bidding timelines, be sure to view your course registration information.

Registration Dates

Refer to the University Academic Calendar to determine important registration deadlines for Ross & non-Ross course. Review policies and deadlines regarding modifying the grading basis for classes (e.g. optional pass/fail, audit).

Add/Drop Deadlines

Add/drop deadlines are listed on the University Academic Calendar. Be sure to select the appropriate academic term from the dropdown.

TermAdd/Drop Deadline
Winter 2024 Full Term CoursesJanuary 30
Winter A 2024 CoursesJanuary 23
Winter B 2024 CoursesMarch 18
See late add/late drop impact details listed in the university academic calendar.

Late add & late drop deadlines

TermLate Add deadlineLate drop deadline
Winter 2024 Full TermMarch 15last day of class
Winter A 2024February 9last day of class
Winter B 2024April 12last day of class

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