Course Bidding Rules and Regulations

Course Bidding is a benefit reserved for MBA2s, MSCMs, MBAns, MAccs, and MMs using a process for point allocation (similar to interview bidding). The Dean’s Office offers Course Bidding to more equitably allocate elective classes to our MBA2s in the Fall and Winter terms. MSCMs bid for the Fall term and MAccs bid for the Winter term. These students participate in a pre-registration course bidding process in which they allocate points to prioritize business courses for their schedules. By allowing students to weight their point distribution based on classes important to them, Ross can create a file to pre-load into the University system, which better reflects a fair enrollment distribution. Students then use their registration time in Wolverine Access to make any additional adjustments to their schedules at their appointed time. Read the below information regarding important rules to keep in mind as you prepare for course bidding.


View the Course Descriptions in iMpact or Wolverine Access to review prerequisites prior to bidding. When you are in the course bidding system, you can also click on the course title (in blue) to link to the course description and to learn about prerequisites. The bidding system does NOT screen for prerequisites. Wolverine Access will screen for some prerequisites, so it is the student’s responsibility to double-check the prerequisites before bidding for a course.

If a prerequisite is listed in the system as a “Course” prerequisite – Wolverine Access will NOT allow you to register for the course, nor will it allow us to enroll you, unless you have completed the prerequisite course(s) in a prior term. If you do not meet a “Course” prerequisite you will lose the points you bid for that course. If the prerequisite is listed as an “Advisory” prerequisite, Wolverine Access will allow you to enroll, and will allow us to load you into the class if you bid for it. HOWEVER, faculty reserve the right to drop you from the course at a later (less convenient) date if you do not meet the requirements.


If a student has a financial hold on his/her account, we do not allow the student to enter the course bidding system, as we are unable to load course bidding results into the system. We recommend that students check their account BEFORE course bidding begins to make sure that their financial account is in order. If Academic Services learns of a financial hold on your account, we will notify you via email to your umich email address. Steps to take BEFORE bidding begins:

  1. Review your Student Account status at to confirm that no Holds (Service Indicators) are in place which would block your registration into your bid courses. Check even if you are sure your statement is okay!

  2. Make sure that your “” address is forwarded to an email account you check regularly to ensure that you receive all necessary communications.

If you do have a financial hold, you need to do the following:

  1. Clear your bills.

  2. Request Student Financial Operations or the cashier to lift your financial hold. This is not done automatically. Call 734-764-7447.

    • MBA/MAcc/MSCM/MBAn/MM: Address questions specifically regarding financial aid to the Ross Financial Aid office at 734-764-5139, or email
  3. Inform the Ross Registrar’s Office at (on or before our set deadline) that your hold has been lifted. If you do not inform the Ross Registrar’s Office that your hold has been lifted by this deadline, you will not be able to participate in course bidding.

Refer to Tips and Tricks for other information about Getting Started, How to Bid, Results of Bidding, and more!

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