Core Course Requirements – Online MBA

The Online MBA includes live, interactive classes, self-guided modules, and three residencies completed on the Ann Arbor campus. The Online MBA program requires 57 credit hours including 39 credits of core requirements and 18 credits of electives. Students generally take three to four  years to complete the Online MBA Program and must meet the degree requirements in effect when they entered the program. If course or curriculum changes take place after a student commences the program, every effort will be made to implement the changes in the student’s best interest, while still maintaining the most current program standards.

The online core coursework establishes a basic understanding of the functional responsibilities of an organization. After completing the core course requirements, students integrate the concepts learned and take electives in their area(s) of interest while completing the additional core degree requirements. Note that some elective classes can be taken earlier in the program, depending on course prerequisites.  MAP is a required course for Online MBA students.

The curriculum reflects an increased flexibility through modular scheduling.  Courses are seven weeks long.  Residencies last three to four days.  Core and elective degree requirements are summarized below. 

Core Curriculum

Core Requirements CreditsPrerequisite
ACC 533: Financial Accounting2.25 
ACC 534: Managerial Accounting2.25ACC 533
BE 533: Applied Microeconomics2.25 
BL 533: Business Law and Ethics2.25 
FIN 533: Financial Management & Policy2.25ACC 533 & TO 533
MKT 533: Marketing Management2.25 
MO 533: Leading People & Organizations2.25 
STRATEGY 533: Corporate Strategy2.25ACC 533
STRATEGY 534: Competing in Global Business2.25 
TO 533: Applied Business Statistics2.25 
TO 534: Introduction to Operations2.25TO 533
BA 533: MAP6.00ACC 533, MO 533, MKT 533, STRATEGY 533, & TO 533 
BA 534: Leadership Residency3.00 3 of the 4 available residencies are required.
BA 535: Innovation Residency3.00 
BA 536: Transformation Residency3.00 
BA 537: Global Strategy Residency3.00
Communication CompetencyCredits 
Communication Requirement 
  • Because ACC 533 and TO 533 are prerequisites for other core classes, it is strongly recommended to take these early in the program to allow maximum flexibility in choosing courses.


  • All students will complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in elective coursework. Most OMBA electives are 2.25 credit hours, however on-campus courses may be 1.50, 2.25, or 3.00 credit hours.

  • Online students who have the flexibility to do so can register for in-person MBA elective classes with instructor permission. Availability may be limited, with priority given to in-residence MBA students.