Core Course Requirements – MSCM

Beginning with the students admitted in Summer 2017

Thirty credit hours of core and elective courses are necessary to complete the Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) degree. Students enter the program in June and complete their degree in late April or early May of the following calendar year.

Summer Term
June – Aug.
Fall Term
Sept. – Dec.
Winter Term
Jan. – Apr.
TO 505: Business Fundamentals Bootcamp (three sections of 1 credit each)TO 605: Manufacturing and Supply Operations (3.00 cr)TO 685: Supply Chain Consulting Studio (6.00 cr)
TO 736: Supply Chain Management Colloquium (2.00 cr)TO 618: Applied Business Analytics (3.00 cr)TO 620: Global  Supply Chain Management  (2.25 cr) Winter A
 TO 624: Strategic Sourcing  (2.25 cr) Fall ATO 623: Information Technology in Supply Chain and Logistics (1.50 cr) Winter A
 TO 616: Project Management (1.50 cr) Fall BTO 640: Big Data Management (2.25 cr) Winter A
 Electives (credits vary)TO 621: Logistics (2.25 cr) Winter B
  Electives (credits vary)

Course Descriptions:

Additional degree requirements:

1.  Mandatory 1.00 credit (minimum) of electives in addition to elective credits taken to replace waived core. 
2. Cumulative GPA of 2.00 (Including 2.00 Term GPA each semester)