MBA/MAcc/MM/MSCM/MBAn Academic Honors

Academic Honors at Graduation

Degrees with distinction are awarded based on final grade point averages.  For the purpose of determining academic honors for MBAs, MAccs, MMs, MSCMs and MBAns, grades are converted into value points and an average is computed for each student. For MBAs, calculations are done with MAP. Students who qualify under this calculation are eligible for honors and  receive their degree “With High Distinction” or “With Distinction.” The University posts the award on the transcript and diploma when the degree is conferred. Honors for dual degree students are calculated by using all credit hours, both business and non-business, elected in terms when the student was registered under their Graduate Business Administration career. The point conversions for honors range as follows:

  • High Distinction: 3.500 to 4.000
  • Distinction: 3.250 to 3.499

To evaluate records for academic honors, the following equivalencies apply:

  • Excellent = A+, A, A- = 4 value points
  • Good = B+, B, B- = 3 value points
  • Pass = C+, C, C- = 2 value points
  • Low Pass = D+, D, D- = 1 value point
  • Fail = E, ED = 0 value points
  • Special Grades = I, NR, ED, ILF = 0 value points

Note that value points as listed are not a grading scale, but are solely used to determine academic honors. To determine the average, total the equivalent value points for each grade earned and divide by the total number of class credits earned in those graded classes (CTP). Some student records may include grades earned under both the Business School grading system and the grading scales used by other University of Michigan schools and colleges. Note that grades earned on a Pass/Fail grading basis and those earned in undergraduate level language courses are not included when calculating academic honors. Class rank is not computed.

Honor Societies

  • Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Gamma Sigma is an international honorary business administration society. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest international recognition a student can receive in an undergraduate or master’s program in business or management accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. To be eligible for membership, a student must rank in the upper 10 percent of the junior class, upper 10 percent of the senior class, or upper 20 percent of the graduating master’s class (as of the end of the Fall term prior to graduation for seniors and master’s students). For MBA students, this calculation is done including the MAP (BA 553) grade.  Beta Gamma Sigma contacts eligible candidates for admission.
  • Financial Management Association National Honor Society: The Financial Management Association is a professional organization that sponsors a national honor society for finance students. Membership requires outstanding scholastic achievement in both finance and accounting courses. While Ross Business School does not have a Chapter of this organization, information about the organization can be found at their website

Full-time MBA Students: Dean’s List Recognition of Academic Achievement

For our Full-time MBA students, Ross provides a term-specific recognition of students who have performed exceptionally well in their academic course work. This Dean’s List designation is recorded on students’ unofficial transcripts. At the conclusion of each Fall and Winter term, students in the top 10% of their group will receive this designation. Groups are defined as follows:

  • Full-time MBA1 (includes Tauber, Global, any Dual Degree considered MBA1 and registered under Ross for the term evaluated) – term-based GPA review.
  • Full-time MBA2 (includes Tauber, Global, any Dual Degree considered MBA2 and registered under Ross for the term evaluated) – term-based GPA review. 

Eligibility requirements:

  • 9.00 or more credits completed in graded courses (pass/fail, credit/no-credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory graded courses are not included)
  • Credits must be in courses which would be applied toward the MBA degree (e.g., ELI courses not accepted for credit, undergraduate classes, except undergraduate foreign language courses approved for half credit)
  • All eligible credits must have grades recorded on transcript within one month of the end of the full term